The end of my internship

Last week I finished my OPW internship.

It was a constructive experience, with both positive and difficult aspects.

The difficult aspects were related to the code review process. Firstly, because of my clumsy coding style mistakes and secondly, because everyone had to agree with the implementation. In order to get a patch committed, at least two Mesos committers should give you a “ship it” on the review. This is a good practice because it assures the high quality of the code.

It was necessary to rewrite the patches several times and this required lots of patience, but I didn’t give up that easy :D. I guess whenever you want to accomplish a goal, you have to fight a little bit.

Here I have to thank to my mentor who helped me pass through all the obstacles and answered all my questions.

Even though I didn’t manage to finish all I wanted, there are a lot of new things that I have learned about Mesos and I have improved my C++ coding skills. I feel extremely satisfied to see my patches upstream and encouraged to continue to more open source projects.

Thank you Apache Mesos for this wonderful experience!